Picking a Ping Pong Table

Several factors are needed to be considered before selecting the most suitable ping pong table. You may need to consider the requirements of their table- whether its for fun play or practicing for tournaments, your budget for the ping pong table, and also whether you will want to keep the table at one place or on the move, whether you would want the table set up all the time or folded and kept after playing etc. The following advice may help you get the perfect ping pong table:

  • A manufacturer would want to sell the best and most expensive table he may have. However, you must not go on their extravagant claims, but rather let your pocket decide. For someone who is buying to play for fun or for beginners a less expensive table may be satisfactory. While the standard thickness of a table is 25mm, a thinner one about 19mm which would obviously be cheaper would be enough for use at home and more than satisfactory to provide for a good playing and learning experience. Once you have decided that you want competition, you can get rid of your cheap worn-out table and get a new one with standard thickness.
  • You need to decide whether you have room enough to have the table set up permanently or whether you will have to go for a portable one which can be folded once you are done playing. If you need to consider a portable one then you may want something which can be handled by one person, with rollers to allow you to move it without any trouble. You must consider buying a roller table with brakes on the wheels that can be applied to stop the table while at rest. Even in case of fixed table buying the one with rollers which have brakes is a suitable option.
  • An important thing to look out for is the legs of your ping pong table. It must have good strong legs and support, especially if you have kids at home who would most probably be treating it roughly. Another feature which may come handy is having leg levelers on the bottom of the legs. Levelers can be screwed in and out and they help you to keep the height of the table at its standard 76 cm above the floor.
  • Even deciding on the ping pong table material is important. The quality is better in case of thick particle board material or wood material. A material which shows better resistance to warping is a better choice, for example resin material for the tops provides higher resistance than particle board. However, for outdoor ping pong tables aluminum is the best material.
  • While buying a table be on the look out for bending or warping as this can affect the bounce of the ball. Even check that the height of the table is equal from all the sides of the table.
  • Last but not the least; choose the table with the right table finish. The table which has a smooth and even finish with no rough spots is perfect. Look out for any rough edges on the top or sides which may accidentally cut you. A table which has a good overall feel, padded net clips and even finish would indeed make your ping pong experience an unforgettable one.