Ping Pong Videos

The above video describes the layout of a Ping Pong Table. It is important that a player understands the table in order to be able to become a good player.

There are certain ways to do certain things, it is important that when we start something we do it right, otherwise we can develop habits which are not ideal later on, When playing ping pong there is a certain way to hold the racket, if you hold the racket in the proper fashion you can learn to play a better game and improve. This particular video shows us how to properly hold a ping pong paddle while playing the game.

The above video is a very good guide to play the game of table tennis, every sport has rules and to become a better player and to rue at the ping pong table one should the rules of the game, This video tells us the rules for ping pong and how to follow these rules to become a better player.